My 30-Minute AI-Powered 3D Visualization Workflow

Veras UI

Creating stunning visualizations of buildings and environments requires knowledge and skills, regardless of the fantastic tools designers have. How about using generative AI to do the same without much special training or experience?

I stumbled upon Veras®, an AI tool from Evolve Lab. Veras is an AI-powered visualization add-in for SketchUp®, Revit® & Rhinoceros® that uses your 3D model geometry as a substrate for creativity and inspiration.

I gave Veras a try. My 30-minute workflow was as follows.

  • Downloaded and installed a trial version of SketchUp
  • Downloaded a free SketchUp model from 3D Warehouse. The model is called Diamond Cabin and is John Luttropp’s re-creation of a 1960s design he had found online.
  • Downloaded and installed a free trial of the Veras extension for SketchUp
  • Created around ten renderings of the Diamond Cabin in SketchUp with Veras

I found Veras really easy to use. Its interface is straightforward, with a few sliders, switches, and a prompt box. You can retain the model’s original geometry or give Veras freedom to make alterations. 

What you put in the prompt box is essential. It seems to understand the references to the model’s objects.

I made both exterior and interior renderings. 

Here’s the original SketchUp model.

3D model
The Diamond Cabin model in SketchUp.

Here are a few examples of my Veras visualizations.

Veras renderings with the original and slightly altered geometry
Interior renderings with Veras

Veras is worth checking out. It not only speeds up the visualization process, but it also is a great inspirational tool. Veras is available for $49 per month at the time of writing.

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