Nemetschek Group Launches AI Innovation Hub

nemetschek ai innovation hub

The Nemetschek Group is stepping up its game with the launch of an AI Innovation Hub. This initiative is set to centralize and boost the Group’s AI efforts, marking a significant advancement in adopting Artificial Intelligence within the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations sectors.

What is the AI Innovation Hub?

The newly established Innovation Hub aims to streamline Nemetschek’s AI activities across its brand portfolio and enhance collaboration with partners and customers. It’s a strategic move to foster the development and integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies that promise increased productivity and efficiency.

Experienced Leadership from Google

The hub will be spearheaded by Charles Sheridan, the chief AI and data officer, and Julian Geiger, the AI product and transformation vice president. Both leaders bring a wealth of experience from their previous roles at Google, and their expertise is expected to drive significant transformations within Nemetschek Group.

Sheridan, with his extensive background in cloud, AI, data, and IoT solutions, aims to bridge the gap between industry needs and academic research, fostering a collaborative environment. Geiger, on the other hand, will focus on nurturing AI capabilities that enhance customer value and internal productivity.

Aiming for Ethical and Sustainable AI

At the core of the Hub’s mission is the commitment to ethical, trustworthy, and sustainable AI development. This aligns with the principles laid down by Professor Georg Nemetschek, the Group’s founder, which continue to guide all Nemetschek brands.

The hub’s goal is to ensure that AI technologies not only benefit the current market but also uphold integrity and foster sustainable practices.

Innovative AI Tools and Services

The hub introduces new tools such as AI Visualizer for Archicad, Allplan, and Vectorworks, and 3D Drawings for Bluebeam Cloud. These tools are designed to enhance productivity and sustainability in the user’s workflows.

Moreover, the dTwin platform is set to redefine digital twin technology, facilitating better decision-making and efficiency. Collectively, these innovations underscore Nemetschek’s approach to launching AI as a service (AIaaS), tailored to meet the evolving needs of its customers and partners.

A Step Towards Future

Marc Nézet, Nemetschek’s chief strategy officer, expressed enthusiasm about the new venture, emphasizing that the AI Innovation Hub is poised to lead the way in innovation within the AEC/O and media and entertainment industries.

“I am very happy that we have two renowned experts join the team. Together we strive for an ethical AI, protecting creativity and intellectual property rights, and designing and building sustainably and responsibly,” Nézet said.

Source: Nemetschek, Munich, Germany, May 7, 2024

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