New Business Models Unveiled with Olivier Lepinoy and Jaan Saar

WDBE Talks 2024 -1

In this WDBE Talks episode hosted by Aarni Heiskanen, two WDBE 2024 keynote speakers, Olivier Lepinoy and Jaan Saar, discuss the significance of reimagining traditional business models within the construction sector.

Olivier is the visionary founder of HYPER Construction, and Jaan is the Chief Evangelist at Future Insight. Both thought leaders have experience innovating business models and share their insights in this podcast.

The discussion topics

Here are the main topics of the discussion:

Why has radical change most often failed so far?

The industry has seen several failed attempts to make radical and quick changes. Examples include companies trying to industrialize construction through modular construction or vertical integration. Trying to digitalize construction processes consistently has also not been a great success. Successes have mostly been local, temporary, and not scalable. Why is that?

What opportunities await those who pursue new business models?

What is a business model, and why are new business models the key to making this industry thrive? What are the most promising areas for business model innovation?

Isn’t gradual improvement enough?

Construction is a project-based people business that increasingly uses digital technologies to improve productivity. Why should we consider new business models if we could already make a dramatic change by rationalizing existing processes, empowering people, and using the technology we have?

How can a new business model be developed successfully?

What are the best ways to explore business models and manage risks while innovating?

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