New Mobile Services for the Construction Site

Mobile, cloud-based services are entering the construction site. Here are four recent examples of the trend.

Gilbane Tests Out RFID System to Document Workers’ Hours

Gilbane Inc., a real estate development and construction firm, is piloting an RFID-based “remote attendance” solution for managing construction subcontracted workers at a building site spanning 1 million square feet.The system not only helps the site’s owner identify each worker, but also creates an electronic record of how many hours that individual has worked onsite. It also tracks whether that person represents a small business or lives locally.

The system, provided by mobile solutions company Serialio, consists of ID badges containing a built-in passive high-frequency RFID tag and a small RFID reader, linked via a Bluetooth connection to a tablet PC running cloud-based software used to track who enters and leaves the site, as well as when this occurs.

Source: RFID Journal, Jan 19, 2915

Jobsite Unite

The Jobsite Unite mobile app streamlines jobsite communication among superintendents, foremen, project managers and workers. It facilitates transparent access to all vital jobsite information for both those working on the jobsite and those in the back office.

Users can sign up and create a free account or purchase individual Jobsite Groups and grant access to specific members of a project team.

Source:, Jan 20, 2015

B2W Cloud Offers Comprehensive Cloud Services for Construction Industry

B2W Software announced its comprehensive cloud solution – B2W Cloud. The company has embedded its entire Operational Networked Elements (ONE) platform into the cloud to create an easy-to-use and flexible mobile tool that gives construction professionals anytime, anywhere access to core business data with the highest levels of uptime, security and scalability.

The ONE offering, which includes its Estimate, Dispatch, Track, and Maintain elements –networked in a single, unified platform – gives construction personnel and executives mobile device access to real-time data right on the construction site and beyond.

Source: NewsMaker, Jan 15, 2015’s UPro Software Goes Global‘s UPro Project Dashboard is now available outside the US. The software is intended to fill a void in the construction software arena. According to the company, construction software is often overly complex, too expensive, enterprise based, or designed without the user’s needs being addressed. UPro sits in the cloud, works on any device, and improves the users experience by simplifying processes.

UPro is construction software for handling projects, estimates, proposals, work orders, purchase orders, change orders, invoicing, and more. It is seamlessly integrated with the communication, networking, and marketing features of, UPro lets construction professionals manage daily business operations from any Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, anywhere.

Source: PRWeb, Jan 3, 2015

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