A New Way to Design in 3D – Interview with Pouria Kay of Grib

Grib Design Tool

In this podcast interview with Pouria Kay, CEO and Co-founder at Grib, we talk about the startup’s new, intuitive 3D design tool.

Grib® is a cloud–based software that turns a mobile device into a universal controller. With Grib, both young and professional designers can sketch complex objects without first having to learn cumbersome 3D software.

You work intuitively in actual 3D space and interact with your environment using augmented reality. All you need is pen, paper, and your mobile device. You can share models with friends, order a print, or export them if needed.

Grib demo

Users are involved in the development of Grib as the following video on GribTowns demonstrate.

Contact Pouria for at pouria.kay(at)grib3d.com or via LinkedIn. You can learn more about Grib at grib3d.com. Also, visit their Instagram account grib3d and Facebook page.

The Grib team

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