Is communication an overlooked success factor of a construction project? #communication #construction #aecbusiness

Skyward and its parent company, Verizon, have partnered with the French drone company Parrot to announce Parrot ANAFI Ai with 4G LTE as a backup connection. #drones #contech #aecbusiness

"3D printing in the construction world has been hyped up a lot over the past decade, but gradually it bit the dust and the hype has died with it." #contech #3dprinting #aecbusiness

Built Technologies, Versatile, Buildots and other companies have received funding recently amid massive growth in contech investments. #contech #AI #robotics #aecbusiness

Construction firm Leighton Asia is using a digital twin in its Hong Kong airport expansion—and reaping the rewards of better efficiency and less rework. #digitaltwins #BIM #aecbusiness

XYZ Reality, a pioneering UK-based construction AR company, and SmarTwin™, a New York-based digital twin technology advisory, have announced their USA alliance. #AR #contech #aecbusiness

Facebook launched Hard Hat in Hand, a job training program to fuel talent pipelines at data center construction sites across the USA. A high school diploma or equivalent is a must but no prior experience is required. #construction #talent #aecbusiness

Call for solutions for the future of low carbon housing – join the online kick-off on October 29 to hear more! #sustainability #housing #aecbusiness

AEC firms have a huge and growing repository of photos and other digital assets. How to manage them effectively for marketing, sales, and PR? Listen to my interview with Daniel Emmerson of OpenAsset. #marketing #aec #aecbusiness

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