No BIM for Progress Tracking? With Will Synnott

Will Synnott

In this episode of the AEC Business podcast, Aarni Heiskanen interviews Will Synnott, Chief Customer Officer at Disperse, a construction management software company. Will discusses Disperse’s turnkey site capture and tracking solution for large-scale construction projects and their operations worldwide.

With 14 years of construction experience, Will shares insights into working with general contractors and developers on significant projects.

Disperse’s capture and tracking solution

Disperse offers a comprehensive site capture and tracking solution, especially for large-scale construction projects. The company’s focus on automation and enhancing existing workflows sets it apart in the construction technology industry.

One key aspect of Disperse’s solution is its ability to streamline the process of capturing site progress through 360-degree photos.

By utilizing a dedicated team to capture detailed images across the entire site, Disperse creates a visual twin of the building, providing a snapshot of the progress at any given time. This not only eliminates the need for manual photo-taking by project teams but also ensures a high level of accuracy and consistency in tracking progress.

Visual management

Disperse goes beyond just providing photos by offering data and insights derived from the captured images. This data is presented in a format that is easy for project teams to consume, enabling them to make informed decisions based on real-time information.

The solution does not rely heavily on BIM models, making it adaptable to projects that may not have advanced 3D modeling in place.

The company’s approach of working with existing 2D drawings and integrating with document control systems showcases its flexibility in catering to a wide range of project needs.

Future technologies

The future of the construction industry is poised for significant advancements. One area of potential growth is 3D printing technology. Will mentiones that 3D printing could extend beyond building standard structures like three-bedroom houses to include more intricate components. This indicates a shift towards more innovative and efficient construction methods.

Additionally, Will highlights the importance of resolving short-term planning issues in the construction sector. He emphasizes the need for improved communication and coordination between different project phases to avoid disruptions caused by out-of-sequence work. Implementing lean philosophies like Last Planner or Takt planning could help streamline processes and enhance project efficiency.

Disperse will concentrate on nailing the capture and tracking solutions for large-scale construction because that is where they really excel.

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