On-Site Supersensing and the Future of Construction Automation – Discussion with Aviad Almagor

Aviad Almagor WDBE

For this episode of WDBE Talks, we sat down with Aviad Almagor of Trimble Ltd. to discuss sensor technology in the modern built environment. Our conversation touched on the on-site implementation of robotics and AI-based solutions, the importance of data capture, and the challenges facing the sector today and in the years ahead. 

Aviad Almagor is the Division Vice President of Emerging Technologies with Trimble Ltd., a California-based hardware, software, and tech company that specializes in the development of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and recently collaborated with Boston Dynamics to automate construction processes. 

“AI in construction is a very exciting topic though the industry is traditionally not very well-equipped to adopt technology in a very effective way. AI is an enabling technology that can be used to support and augment work. This means we can automate processes; predict delays in schedule; cost changes; even design issues and prescribe and provide decision-makers with the right information to be efficient and to make the right choices for projects.” Aviad noted in our interview. 

Our discussion covered

  • The challenges in integrating automated robotics and sensor data. 
  • The need for integrated, on-site software solutions.
  • The role automated robots can play when it comes to security and remote observation.  
  • The importance of sensor-tech when it comes to modern pathfinding. 
  • The impact of the pandemic on the appetite for digital solutions.  

You can meet Aviad at our WDBE 2021 event on September 29, 2021,  where he will be attending as a keynote speaker. You can review our program and register for the event at WDBE.org.

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