Opoplan Introduces Generative AI Tools for Home-Building

Home-building AI tools

Opoplan introduces its suite of generative AI architectural tools for builders and real estate brokers. The initiative intends to bridge the technological gap in custom home planning and building. 

The tools introduced by the company also aim to reduce the overdependence on manual efforts and limited design options when it comes to lot analysis, design briefing, design planning, and many other pre-build tasks.

Through its AI-powered tools, Opoplan assists builders and home designers in saving time, money, and energy and more successfully close contracts, managing plans, and delivering single-family homes.

A series of tools for the home-building industry

Opoplan is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a new US office in Raleigh, North Carolina, and was established in 2019. They provide pre-build house planning and design tools for custom builders, real estate brokers, and house designers.

Based on its roots in custom 3D house plans, the company has launched the first tool, LotTech. It is an instant lot analysis tool that assists with the first step in any construction project. LotTech’s visually rich online reports deliver instant data, including lot size, setbacks, buildable area, and slope. In addition, LotTech also allows users to add multiple buildings to a lot, including housing units, garages, and additional dwelling units (ADUs). Upcoming features in LotTech include utilities, solar, and hazard analysis.

A number of other tools in the series are getting ready to be launched soon:

  • BriefTech is the home requirements gathering or design briefing tool.
  • DesignTech generates custom 3D manifestations of the new home.
  • PlanTech offers the ultimate set of detailed architectural design plans for permitting and building. 

“Architecture planning and designing is a market that is underserved from a technology point of view. Almost everything in the sector is manual. Projects often take a long time due to the overdependence on manual work and lack of technological advancements. These delays can have adverse impacts on the overall budget of the projects. Our tools assist all stakeholders in the industry to utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence from lot analysis to all other prebuild requirements,” says Brian O’Brien, Founder, and CEO of Opoplan.

Source: Opoplan, Dublin, Ireland and Raleigh, North Carolina / Newsfile Corp. – January 16, 2023

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