Pay Per Print for BIM Software

Pay Per Print BIM

ACCA software has devised a new model for construction software distribution. You can download their architectural BIM, bill of quantities, and quantity take-off software tools free of charge. You only pay when you want to print out files.

ACCA software, an Italian company, was founded in 1989 as a spinoff of an engineering practice. They develop their own range of software for the construction industry. Their architectural software, Edificius, supports 2D and 3D design. It generates floor plans, elevations, isometric views, and renderings from the base model. All the views are automatically updated according to the changes in the model.

You can download the full-featured design software free of charge to as many computers as you like. You are also able to collaborate with other Edificius  users without charge. Only when you want to create printable files you’ll have to pay 10 euro cents per document. ACCA offers a EUR 50 starter bonus, meaning that you’ll be able to distribute the first 500 documents for free. ACCA calls this distribution model UPP (Free Use Pay Print).

In addition to the design software, ACCA provides PriMus, a bill of quantities, price list, and rate analysis software. The third tool is PriMus-TO for quantity take-offs from CAD or raster drawings. These too are free products; the user will pay 10 euro cents per extracted A4 page. Training videos and support are included in the free offer.

According to ACCA, their software products have over 200,000 users worldwide. To learn more and download the software go to

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