Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio: The FINEST Tunnel and More

Today, at the AEC Hackathon 3.2 Helsinki, Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio made two interesting announcements. He wants to build an undersea tunnel between Finland and Estonia and at the same time create the capital of Eurasia.

Here are my  quick notes on Peter’s announcement

  • Peter was in Tallinn this week, at the Latitude59 event, and at a dinner started talking about “the tunnel”
  • “It seems like it’s going nowhere”, so we actually decided this week we’re building it
  • It’s going to be a 15 (?) billion dollar/euro project
  • It will take 20 minutes or less to travel to Tallinn from Helsinki
  • I want to have it opened in 2020
  • Three tunnels: two for trains and one for “Hyperloop”
  • The tunnel will be called The FinEst Tunnel (Finland-Estonia, I’m not sure about the spelling)
  • There will be The FINEST Bay area
  • Chinese expertise on high speed trains will be used
  • “We’ll build the capital of Eurasia”, 70 percent of the planet’s people are in our home market
  • The highest concentration of startups on the planet will be in our bay area
  • We’re going to have 150 thousand square meters of startup space in the OtaKeila area, a new city that we’re building

You can watch the video of Peter’s presentation below. He starts talking about the tunnel project at 17:56.

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