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IoT for construction

Internet of Things is a rapidly expanding technology that will have a fundamental impact on the built environment. Here are picks from articles in April/May 2019 representing the many aspects of IoT applications.

IoT for Commercial Buildings: From Cost Reduction to Enhanced User Experience

David H. Deans writes about a recent study by Berg Insight. In terms of sold units, the most successful building automation solutions to date include access and security, fire and safety, HVAC systems and elevators and escalators management. The primary driver is changing from cost reduction to features that enhance the user experience and change how users and buildings interact.

Source: telecomstechnews.com

Risk Management Drives IoT Adoption in Construction

A new study released by Dodge Data & Analytics, in partnership with Triax Technologies, finds that contractors recognize the benefits of using IoT to mitigate risks.

Source: construction.com 

Construction Fleet Monitoring with IoT

Machine idling, where a machine’s engine is running but the machine is not actively in use, accounts for an estimated 37% of the time a construction machine is operating. IoT sensors allow real-time monitoring of the fleet’s efficiency. Steve Rogerson writes about how UK telematics firm MachineMax is using Semtech’s LoRa technology to provide tracking and monitoring in smart construction machines.

Source: iotm2mcouncil.org

A Car Maker and an Electronics Corporation Form a Smart Housing Company

In January, Toyota and Panasonic got together to build batteries for electric vehicles, and now they intend to offer services using the IoT, such as on-demand ridesharing and home energy services. The company, Prime Life Technologies, will comprise Toyota and Panasonic’s housing units, Global Construction Review reports.

Source: globalconstructionreview.com

IoT Provides an Unprecedented Opportunity to Transform the Customer Experience

Manish Choudhary of Pitney Bowes, India, writes about the IoT’s ability to transform the customer experience. He mentions four areas for IoT vendors to focus on in order to do that. I think that his advice would also play well in construction and real estate use of IoT:

  1. Secure the data but make it accessible to teams that will use it to innovate
  2. Use the data generated to improve understanding of the client and reimagine engagement
  3. Deliver meaningful, relevant service improvements to clients
  4. Transform innovation in the product experience

Source: iot-now.com

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