How Machine Learning Can Help with Urban Development

January 25, 2019

An experimentation project has demonstrated the capabilities of machine learning in urban development. It used images as a starting point and came up with interesting and useful applications.

concrete iot ai

AI Helps Deliver Better Concrete More Efficiently

January 18, 2019

The construction industry uses 13 billion cubic meters of ready-mix concrete every year. The logistics and quality assurance of this concrete depend on legacy technologies that are no longer sufficient for today’s needs. To address this, Caidio is introducing AI-based solutions to help the supply chain deliver better quality concrete more efficiently.


Scaling up Building Sustainability Assessments with BIM Model Checker Tools

January 11, 2019

Sustainability of buildings is an essential topic – buildings and construction consume almost half of raw materials and one third of energy in Europe. Therefore, scaling up the building sustainability assessments and making them faster and more reliable is a key challenge.

Digital twin

Digital Twins – Interview with Cristina Savian

January 10, 2019

In this interview with Cristina Savian, we discuss the present and future of digital twins in the construction industry.


Better Indoor Environments with Real-Time IoT Data

January 4, 2019

Homes and other properties contain an increasing number of IoT sensors and smart devices that provide data relating to their environment. Cozify wanted to demonstrate how that data could be used to create comfortable indoor conditions for people, and save money while doing so.

Law Clinic

The Law Clinic Paves Way to the Digitalization of Built Environment Processes

December 22, 2018

The Law Clinic offers legal advice on digitalization to built environment innovators and experimenters and in the process helps lawmakers find the pain points in legislation.

Atlantic Infrared

Taking Care of Infrastructure – Interview with Marilyn Grabowski

December 19, 2018

Marilyn Grabowski leads Atlantic Infrared with a mission to protect and improve infrastructure. In this interview, we discuss her professional background, the technologies that her team uses, and why more women should consider construction as a career.

Concrete Construction

IoT: Take Guessing Out of the Concrete Drying Process

December 17, 2018

Flooring, tiling, or painting on a concrete surface that is insufficiently dry can end up being a disaster. An experimental project recently used IoT sensors and AI to determine when it is safe to start finishing concrete surfaces.

Window cleaning robot

A Portable Robot That Will Shake the Window Cleaning Industry

December 12, 2018

A Finnish startup wants to automate the way we clean and care for our building facades. Its compact robot is taking the world by the storm.

RecoTech 2019

Hot PropTech in the Cool Nordics

December 8, 2018

RecoTech, the official side event of Slush, brought together PropTech enthusiasts from all over the world. Each presenter shed their own light on why we should keep our entrepreneurial eyes on PropTech.

Finest tunnel

Making the World’s Longest Undersea Railway Tunnel Possible with BIM

November 29, 2018

Finland and Estonia are Baltic sea neighbors separated by the Gulf of Finland. Over eight million travelers and 1.2 million cars travel between Helsinki and Tallinn every year by boat. However, a consortium of companies is now planning to build the Finest railway tunnel between the two countries.

Buro Happold

Visionary and Disruptive – Interview with Roger Nickells of BuroHappold

November 25, 2018

In this interview, Roger Nickells, Partner at BuroHappold Engineering, talks about the challenges and emerging opportunities of the built environment design and engineering.

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