Predicting Our Future with Andrew Weinreich

Predicting our future

In this podcast episode, my guest is Andrew Weinreich. We talk about the future of homebuilding against the backdrop of Andrew’s new podcast Predicting Our Future

Andrew WeinreichIs construction ripe for disruption? Andrew believes that homebuilding is much closer to a tipping point than ever before. In this interview, he explains why.

“In the United States, modular construction significantly lags behind what we see elsewhere around the world,” Andrew reminds. “When everything you can imagine today, from the paperclip to your smartphone is made in a factory, why is it that -certainly in this country- we associate homes made in factory with the lowest of low end homes.”

“The first question is: why is that? And the second question is: could that change? Could we be on the precipice of looking at the next Tesla; not for car-building, but for homebuilding.”

Predicting Our Future podcast focuses on the next revolutions in technology. The first 6-part series focuses entirely on homebuilding where Andrew interviews 29 experts & CEOs in the industry to hear their predictions about the future of the space.

Andrew has founded seven startups, including the world’s first social network, Six Degrees.

The podcast is available on several podcasting platforms. You can also listen to the podcast at

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