Productizing Sustainable Urban Housing with BJ Siegel

WDBE Talks BJ Siegel

How do you take the learnings from Apple’s way of innovating products and apply them to housing? On WDBE Talks, you’ll hear how BJ Siegel pivoted from Apple to follow his passion at Juno, a proptech company. He will be a keynote speaker at WDBE 2023.

In this episode, Aarni Heiskanen and his guest JB Siegel discuss:

  • How BJ, an architect, became a commercial concept developer
  • What did years with Apple teach him
  • Who is Juno for, and how is it different from a traditional way of housing construction
  • Digitalization can make a building environmentally sustainable over its life cycle
  • What are the biggest challenges in developing industrialized construction
  • What can make Juno a succeed
  • What’s in the future for BJ and Juno

BJ will deliver his keynote at WDBE in September. On the podcast, he gives a glimpse of what he will cover in his keynote.

About BJ Siegel, Co-Founder & Head of Design at Juno

BJ Siegel is an internationally award-winning architect with over 30 years of experience delivering innovative projects worldwide. In April 2019, BJ co-founded Juno, a venture-backed proptech company focusing on designing, developing, and delivering urban multifamily housing as a branded consumer product. 

Previously, as the Studio Director at the multi-disciplinary experience design firm Eight Inc, BJ served as the original concept architect for the first eight years of the Apple Retail Program. 

In 2009, he joined Apple Real Estate and Development to lead their Innovation Group. Within two years, BJ became the Senior Design Director for all Apple retail stores worldwide, directing the program through its flagship development and International expansion. 

BJ holds a Master’s in Architecture from Tulane University and Yale University and over 40 design and utility patents for innovative design work at Apple.

You can connect with BJ on LinkedIn and learn more about Juno at

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