PropTech Finland Steps Up

PropTech Finland

The previously informal network of Finnish proptech activists has now become a formalized community. The launch of PropTech Finland took place at KPMG’s Helsinki office on April 24, 2019.

PropTech Finland’s mission is to unite the Finnish built environment startup community, to start and scale up businesses, and to integrate them into the global proptech ecosystem. The organization is connected to other similar communities around Europe and Asia.

Mikael Långström

Mikael Långström of RAKLI introduced the new PropTech Finland and his team: Sjoerd Postema, Hannu Käki, Tasha Tolmacheva, and Ivan Nokhrin.

A panel discussion hosted by Markku Aho of Realsource reflected on the present and future of proptech in real estate and construction businesses. The panelists were Ray Lindberg (CBRE), Anni Tölli (Fira), Tomi Ventovuori (Newsec), Ken Dooley (Granlund) and Eelis Rytkönen (NCC).

To complete the inspiring event, Sarah Sipilä, Director at KPMG Global Strategy Group, gave an excellent overview of proptech in Finland and globally.

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