Quickbase Rolls Out AI Capabilities for Faster Construction App Development

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Quickbase, a seasoned player in the software platform industry, has unveiled a slew of enhancements aimed at streamlining construction work processes. These updates capitalize on over two decades of experience across various industries, providing robust, straightforward solutions that address real-world problems and drive significant results.

Agility and adaptability are key in dynamic construction environments. Unfortunately, AEC companies have often found that technological solutions are lacking.

Quickbase’s most recent upgrades

Quickbase’s latest offerings aim to bridge the gap by integrating AI, improving user interfaces, simplifying mobile data capture, and strengthening governance controls. This enables quick development of custom solutions that align with the unique needs and scales of different organizations.

Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase, emphasizes the shift in workplace dynamics, stating, “Most technology solutions are rooted in old ways of working that don’t fit today’s world of dynamic work. Work has changed, and with it the expectations for the tools and technology used to get work done. Speed, scale, and customization are priorities, with a depth of vertical specialization and ability to connect to your core systems, all at significantly lower levels of investment. This is the foundation of our platform, focused on easy-to-use, expert-built solutions with just a few clicks, fully customized to the way you want to work.”

New AI capabilities

Among the new features, AI integration stands out, allowing users to create solutions, reports, and workflows in just a few clicks. Since the addition of AI-powered capabilities to the Quickbase platform in October 2023, 2,800 beta users have built more than 4,500 unique business apps for a variety of use cases. They range from project management to logistics and invoice management, even solar panel installations.

Chandler Buck, Programmer Analyst II for the County of Pitt (North Carolina), noted the efficiency of the AI Smart Builder: “I was impressed that AI Smart Builder was able to throw together the solution so quickly. All of the tables were accurate, and the names of the tables and the columns were exactly like I specified. And then it threw together the default dashboard, and I did not really have to do a lot of the manual setup on my end. And then I was able to set up the users and have that application out for testing within a day or two max.”

Revamped features

Further improvements include a revamped user experience, designed to reduce unnecessary clicks and scrolls, and a unified FastField mobile experience that streamlines form creation and data capture essential for on-site productivity and compliance.

The enhancements not only facilitate a smoother workflow but also foster collaboration and communication across teams.

Regarding governance, Quickbase now offers more robust APIs that support the entire lifecycle of apps, aligning them with organizational and IT policies without sacrificing the speed and flexibility needed for rapid deployment and scalability.

Speed – the critical success factor

“Our customers have told us again and again that the most important thing any solution should do for them is to help them get work done, faster. We’ve taken that to heart, building our platform with a vision that everyone should be able to do their work in the way that fits them best, creating workflows that reflect exactly how they want to get work done,” Debbi Roberts, Senior Vice President of Product at Quickbase, says. “Our new capabilities realize that promise of powerful, easy-to-use, intuitive, and customizable solutions to enable everyone to make a quick and lasting impact to their business.”

For more on these new capabilities and enhancements, visit www.quickbase.com

Source: Quickbase, Boston, MA – May 1, 2024

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