Quickbase Unveils AI-Powered 2024 Roadmap to Boost Productivity


The pace of work and its complexity only seem to accelerate in the construction industry. To combat this issue, Quickbase has just laid out its strategic vision for 2024. It aims to enhance productivity across the board with AI-powered software and a sharp focus on user experience.

Tackling the Gray Work Dilemma

At the heart of Quickbase’s mission is a determination to confront the challenge of “Gray Work.” This term encapsulates the all-too-familiar manual tasks, information chasing across multiple platforms, and inefficient processes.

Over two-thirds of workers reportedly spend 15-20 hours weekly on such non-value-adding work. That “waste” bogs down projects and frustrates employees.

For sectors like construction, manufacturing, and solar energy, Gray Work isn’t just a nuisance—it’s a significant barrier to efficiency and safety.

Empowering Teams with Low-Code/No-Code Solutions

Quickbase’s answer to the Gray Work dilemma is empowering organizations through low-code/no-code tools. These tools democratize application development. They allow users without technical expertise to craft custom solutions to their most pressing problems.

In 2023, low-code/no-code tools were a niche solution for small teams or discrete projects. This year, they’ve evolved into a strategic imperative for the entire business landscape. AI accelerates this trend, helping solve tough challenges with simple commands.

Quickbase’s AI-powered tools offer a bridge between the physical on-site work and the digital realm of data, promising smoother workflows and enhanced safety.

Quickbase’s Vision: Seamless, Efficient, and Dynamic Work Management

Ed Jennings, CEO of Quickbase, emphasizes the growing complexity of modern work environments, stating, “It’s never been harder to get work done. Deadlines shift, projects get stalled, and resources are strained to the breaking point, and Gray Work lurks around every corner of your organization.”

He highlights the saturation of the low-code market with essential tools, underscoring the emergence of new, complex challenges that require sophisticated solutions.

Quickbase aims to fill this gap, offering a platform that is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution for dynamic and complex project management.

What’s Coming in 2024

The company’s roadmap for this year focuses on four key areas:

  1. Faster, Easier Application Creation: Quickbase is set to enhance its AI capabilities to aid in the swift creation of applications. This means connecting disparate systems, automating workflows, and generating custom reports and dashboards will become even more accessible.
  2. Intuitive User Experience: A commitment to an engaging user experience is at the forefront, with plans to overhaul the platform’s look and functionality, making data sharing and navigation more straightforward.
  3. Enhanced Mobile Workflows: Recognizing the modern workforce’s mobility, Quickbase enhances real-time data access and consistency across all devices, ensuring seamless operations in the field or the office.
  4. Scalable Governance: Focusing on visibility and control, Quickbase intends to bolster governance capabilities, ensuring that the platform’s benefits can be scaled effectively within organizations.

Looking Forward

Debbi Roberts, senior vice president of Product at Quickbase, reiterates the company’s dedication to productivity. She states, “Working with our customers every day, we see opportunities to innovate, improve, and expand our platform, making it easier and more intuitive for their needs. All the while making sure that we build integrations for existing technology investments and maintain a laser focus on security, compliance, and governance. That is our north star, the foundation to executing our product vision and strategy, delivering customer-forward solutions that exceed expectations.”

This customer-centric approach, coupled with a commitment to innovation and security, forms the foundation of Quickbase’s strategy for 2024 and beyond.

For more information on Quickbase, visit their website at www.quickbase.com/solutions.

Source: Quickbase, Boston, March 12, 2024.

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