Reaching Climate Goals with BIM – An Interview with Marzia Bolpagni

WDBE Talks Marzia Bolpagni

Ready to get inspired and learn more about sustainable construction practices? Join us for this WDBE Talks interview with Marzia Bolpagni of Mace, who shares her insights on the importance of BIM in reaching climate goals.

In the interview, Marzia and Aarni Heiskanen discuss

  • Marzia’s current position at Mace and how she advances 
    digital transformation as a leader and influencer
  • How standardization makes information flow across the life cycle of a building
  • How well do BIM mandates actually work
  • If clients already want data on a project’s carbon emissions and circularity
  • The best strategies for getting this very inhomogeneous industry to use digitalization to become more sustainable
  • Women in construction and how digitalization could advance their entry into the industry
  • Marzia’s coming WDBE 2023 keynote topic.

About Marzia

Marzia is Head of Building Information Modelling (BIM) International at Mace, where she develops and implements Digital Construction Strategies for international clients in five different hubs using Digital Engineering. 

She is passionate about Digital Transformation for the Built Environment and dedicated to filling the gap between academia and industry to inspire the next generation of professionals.

She has won numerous professional awards and is a lead author of EN 17412-1, the European standard on Level of Information Need, and a TEDx Speaker.

Join Marzia at WDBE 2023 where she’ll be a keynote speaker, and connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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