Reducing Uncertainty in Construction – Interview with Brittanie Campbell-Turner

Brittanie Campbell-Turner is a Construction Management professional and a podcast host. In this interview, we discuss construction productivity, ways to make it better, and the Constructrr podcast.

Brittanie Campbell-TurnerHere’s what Brittanie says about herself and her podcast: “I’ve been servicing the engineering and construction management industry for 10+ years having specialized in project controls and schedule management. I’m currently a Project Management Consultant at Mace, and I am always researching ways to positively impact the construction industry by implementing best practices and innovative ideas through The Constructrr Podcast at

Constructrr is dedicated to helping property owners have certainty and their decisions about their construction projects. We talk about fostering trusting relationships within your project teams, help you to understand how to lower risk, be under budget, and on schedule in your construction projects. Most importantly exceed your end user’s desires.”

You can listen to the podcast at and contact Brittanie at .

Listen to the interview (also in iTunes)

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