Reinventing Concrete Construction with 3D Printing

Hyperion Robotics

In this episode of the AEC Business podcast, Aarni Heiskanen interviews Fernando De los Rios, CEO and co-founder of Hyperion Robotics. The Finnish technology company was formed by experts in engineering, construction, 3D printing, and robotics. Their mission is to bring automation and sustainable practices to the construction industry.

Fernando has been building start-ups to disrupt the construction industry for the last six years. With a strong background in finance, he leads the company’s business development.

In the interview, we discuss the following:

  • The journey of Hyperion Robotics and why the team is resolute about 3D printing
  • What makes the company stand out among other startups
  • The rationale for 3D printing building and infrastructure parts instead of whole buildings
  • What microfactories are
  • How to manage risks in 3D printing projects
  • What the Peikko pilot project taught Hyperion Robotics
  • How 3D printing and robotics innovation is a combination of software, hardware, and material development
  • How the new three-million-euro funding will boost the company’s growth

You can learn more about Hyperion Robotics at

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