Robotic Timber Fabrication – Videos

robotic timber fabrication

These videos demonstrate today’s possibilities of robotic timber fabrication.

A multi-functional portal robot for automated assembly and processing of timber constructions

ROB Technologies

The WoodFlex 56 is a portal robot equipped with a tool changing system. The robot can handle large timber boards, shoot nails, and cut and mill wood. It is used for making timber wall modules. It can also handle non-standard assembly processes. As an example, it has fabricated 168 individual 15-metre-long trusses for a double-curved wooden roof structure.

House module, robot production

APR Automation AB

Elastic bending for large scale folded plate structures

ICD, University of Stuttgart & Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, UBC Vancouver

The university workshop explored elastic bending of large scale timber sheets for double-layered timber structures.

Robot-assisted assembly in wood construction

The DADA Digital Factory workshop, ICD Institute for Computational Design

At the workshop, an industrial robot was used as an assembly assistant. It placed simple, regularly shaped objects at any desired location. This digital fabrication concept allows the construction of complex geometry by using standard building materials.

A robot-built pavilion featuring wooden shingles and latticed framework

ETH Zurich’s Digital Fabrication course

The masters students developed robotic fabrication techniques to minimise the waste involved in its construction.

London’s Architectural Association School launches a specialist robotics course

London’s Architectural Association School, Design & Make programme

This video shows the robotic production of Woodchip Barn, the school’s first foray into robotic fabrication.

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