SAEKI Unveils Game-Changing Automation in AEC Industry with $2.3M Seed Funding

Future of construction

In a groundbreaking development for the AEC industry, SAEKI has emerged from stealth mode, announcing a $2.3 million seed funding round. The Swiss startup aims to revolutionize the often slow and expensive process of manufacturing large components, from aircraft wings to construction site installations, by leveraging fully automated plants with industrial robots and 3D technology.

Wingman Ventures led the funding round, with additional backing from Vento Ventures, Getty Capital, and several angel investors. Co-founded in 2021 by Andrea Perissinotto, Oliver Harley, and Matthias Leschok, SAEKI aims to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the AEC sector.

An Innovative Approach to Customization

SAEKI specializes in transforming intricate designs into tangible reality while minimizing both cost and environmental impact. By melding 3D printing and milling techniques with large-scale industrial robots, they unlock new possibilities in design complexity. Their robots can print formwork spanning several meters, breaking down one of the industry’s most persistent bottlenecks.

Before this, the time and financial investment required to prototype a lightweight carbon fiber element or a topologically optimized concrete floor slab were immense. SAEKI’s approach removes this hurdle, allowing businesses to innovate and expand their service offerings faster than ever before.

A Comprehensive Vision for the Future

Andrea Perissinotto, Co-Founder of SAEKI, highlighted the urgency of their mission:

“From what we build underground, to what we build on earth, to what goes to space—from the construction to aerospace industries, there is a need for large, one-off (custom) components… Manufacturing these parts is labor-intensive, has long lead times, and is very expensive.”

He further emphasized the holistic nature of SAEKI’s solution:

“Long lead times for large components will be a thing of the past… it’s not just about being faster or cheaper; it’s about providing a complete solution that caters to the entire spectrum of challenges, which is resonating well with our customers.”

The First of Many Steps

SAEKI is deeply committed to customer engagement, working closely with partners to understand their unique challenges and to customize their microfactories accordingly. This focus on collaboration positions SAEKI to unlock its full potential in the market.

The startup is currently building its inaugural production hub, a blueprint for future expansion. The hub will feature SAEKI-built robots capable of executing an all-in-one, low-waste production process using recyclable materials. Moreover, SAEKI plans to roll out a quoting platform tailored to meet the specific business needs of its customers.

Source: SAEKI, Lupfig, Switzerland, August 10, 2023

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