Sensors for Smarter Construction – Interview with Laura Kassovic of MbientLab


I had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Kassovic, CEO and Co-founder at MbientLab Inc. We discuss how wearable technology and smart sensors can help on the construction site.

laura-kassovic-mbientlabMbientLab is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was started about four years ago by a team of engineers who are experts in sensors and machine learning. MbientLab develops wearable technology and also does manufacturing in the USA and Asia.

In this interview, Laura shares her views on how wearables can be beneficial in construction. She mentions three specific application areas:

  1. Safety: how your day is going
  2. Insurance: data on accidents
  3. More efficient workflows: using wearables for data entry

You can learn more about how MbientLab and how they can help your company at and email Laura at .

Photos are courtesy of MbientLab Inc.

Listen to the interview (also on iTunes)

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