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AEC Business is a platform dedicated to the construction industry and its immense opportunities in the age of technology. Become a content partner and share your insight with our global audience of AEC decision-makers and champions of digital transformation.

sec business channels

We launched AEC Business Channels in November 2021 with our partners. Now you have the opportunity to become a channel partner, get business benefits, and support the efforts of at the same time.

Find your voice

We believe in recognizing and supporting the talent in our community, and that’s why we’re giving you an outlet to share your knowledge with a global audience. As a channel partner, your content enjoys the same exposure and search engine visibility as any other AEC Business content.

What you get

  • Visibility on our website and social media channels to reach new clients and drive revenue
  • Your dedicated channel on AEC Business
  • Exposure to a global audience of AEC decision-makers and professionals
  • Promotion through our email newsletter to reach new clients
  • Rich content alternatives such as interviews, case studies, and event coverage

Be visible to tens of thousands of AEC professionals

With a global reach of top-notch construction professionals, you’ll be able to reach your target audience through our social media channels and email newsletter.

Build your thought leadership

Share your knowledge with a global audience and build your brand as an expert in this field. We offer so many different ways for you to be seen and heard — all you have to do is jump on board!

How to start your own channel

channel page

A channel is your own space on AEC Business. It consists of a channel title and slogan, cover image, short channel description, and the content that either you provide or we make for you.

The content

We publish content that is of interest to our global audience of construction and related technology professionals. It can be in the form of articles, white papers, infographics, videos, courses, or podcast episodes. It does not have to be exclusive to the channel. It can contain links to your web resources of interest.

We exercise editorial oversight of the content and suggest edits whenever needed. We make the final decision whether to publish the content on

Content visibility

We promote the content as any other on the site. It will be visible on the front page of the site and included in the RSS feed. It will get the same search engine exposure as any other content on the site. We also promote it at least four times through our social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

Channel fees

As a channel partner, you pay a sponsorship fee to The fee consists of

  • A monthly visibility and maintenance charge of 85 euro/month
  • Content publication and promotion fee starting at 247 euro/published item (for a series of six items). You send us your content (e.g. a Word file) and we publish it along with any links and images you include. We can provide the a title graphic free of charge.

We can also create original content for you for a separate fee (pricing depends on the quantity).

If you decide to discontinue your channel, your content remains on the site unless you want it to be removed. Your channel page itself will be archived, however.

Start today

Contact us for further information at .

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