The Sharing Economy for Construction – Interview with Kevin Forestell of Dozr

In this podcast interview with Kevin Forestell, Founder and CEO of Dozr, we discuss how contractors can lend and rent heavy equipment using the company’s new online service.

In the construction industry, the cost of owning and operating equipment is a big factor in profitability. As the owner of a commercial landscaping company, Dozr co-founder and CEO Kevin Forestell hated watching his equipment sit idle between jobs, and he knew other contractors were in the same situation. With Dozr, owners can post their equipment for rent, and Dozr helps match them people in need of machinery, with insurance coverage built in to the platform. It’s like Airbnb for heavy equipment.

Dozr (@Dozrhub) is Canada’s largest online heavy equipment marketplace, and they are revolutionizing the construction industry. For contractors the cost of owning and operating equipment is a key factor in profitability. Idle equipment not only fails to generate revenue for its owner, it costs them money. Founded by experienced construction veterans, Dozr provides an alternative for contractors by connecting owners of high quality equipment with our network of trusted renters who need it.

Not only does Dozr create revenue for equipment owners, rates on the contractor-to-contractor platform tend to be about 40 percent less than retail rental rates and the variety of equipment is greater. Dozr offers both construction and agricultural equipment and is free to join.

Dozr launched in Kitchener, Ontario, in 2015 and is expanding operations in the United States following a $2.5 million (CAD) equity financing round with FairVentures Inc., the innovation initiative of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. After moving into the New Jersey market in December 2016, Dozr is now open for business in Florida with an initial focus on Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

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