Situational Awareness on Construction Sites with Spot

The Building 2030 consortium is doing cutting-edge research on situational awareness in construction. On March 16, 2021, it tested robotized reality capture indoors on Skanska’s Lippulaiva shopping center site in Espoo.

Building 2030 had set up this test to examine the feasibility of robotized reality capture for real-time construction management. During the test run, the Boston Dynamics Spot robot carried a Trimble 3D scanner, cameras, and a control unit. It created point clouds and took photos on a preprogrammed route, providing information on construction progress and quality and accurate dimensions.

The test was successful and gave valuable information about the feasibility of robotics in reality capture. The amount of data that various sensors and robots like Spot collect on sites shortly will require automated analysis to be helpful. Consequently, Building 2030 is researching and developing AI-powered automation of situational awareness.

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