Slate Technologies Unveils Next-Gen AI Software for Enhanced Construction Decision-Making

Decision-making on a construction site

Slate Technologies has introduced the new version of their Slate Decision Assistant, a generative AI tool intended to assist decision-making processes and data analytics in the construction sector. This update integrates Generative and Predictive AI technologies and introduces a proprietary Large Language Model specific to the construction industry.

Slate’s software is designed to compile and interpret data from various sources across different platforms. The system allows construction professionals to access data, derive insights, and make recommendations. It also provides features for visualizing potential challenges, considering predictive results, and establishing workflows.

“What sets the Slate Decision Assistant apart is that it is not confined to one software or gated within a single platform like most solutions,” said Trevor Schick, CEO of Slate. “It goes beyond a simple search engine or the implementation of chatGPT by working across platforms to harness the value of data and give construction professionals an immersive means of not only interacting with it, but putting it into action.”

Clients have used Slate to adjust workflows, explore process changes, and manage projects from initiation to completion. Initial feedback indicates a potential for improved productivity, time savings on routine tasks, more efficient estimation processes, and better project management.

Key features of the Slate Decision Assistant include:

  • Cross-Platform Intelligence: The interface gathers and analyzes data from various software platforms.
  • Contextual Data Analysis: An AI assistant provides context to the data, offering insights that may affect project timelines and budgets.
  • Construction-Specific Large Language Model: A proprietary Language Model designed for the construction industry.
  • Data Visualizations: Data representation to facilitate decision-making.
  • AI Recommender Systems: The assistant adjusts based on user engagement and project outcomes, providing contextual advice.

“With 96%* of data going unused, the construction industry leaves tremendous value on the table,” said Senthil Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, Slate. “The proliferation of various Contech platforms hasn’t really helped to address the productivity problem. With the Slate Decision Assistant, teams can unlock siloed data to work more efficiently, increase productivity and profitability, and create better outcomes.”

*Cain Menard. FMI. “Beyond the Buzz: Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics in Construction.” March 2023.

Source: Slate Technologies, October 25, 2023

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