Smart Collaboration on Infrastructure Projects – An Interview with Joe Giegerich

Joe Giegerich

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Giegerich, founder and CEO of ProjectReady. We discussed why and how the construction sector should start using an integrated data environment on large infrastructure projects. You can listen to the interview on the AEC Business Podcast.

The USA, Japan, China, and the EU are among the economies that will see a considerable amount of money poured into their COVID-19 recovery programs, including infrastructure stimulus.

As several projects are starting up simultaneously, project owners have to develop a way to manage their portfolios and individual projects. They need to implement construction project management software that is fast to roll out and integrates various processes and workflows.

Luckily, the industry has come a long way in digitalization over the last few years. But many challenges remain.

” Now, there were reasonable challenges around the digitization of the industry, both everything from old habits to just appropriate technology to drive that,” Joe told me. ” But one of the challenges around any project, let alone the ramp-up now in infrastructure, is again, how do you bring all that information together in that single context? How do you set up all those systems quickly? How do you secure those systems? How do you synchronize that data? How do you manage transmitters and the like?”

On the podcast, Joe explains why ProjectReady came about and how it solves many of the issues of large-scale digital collaboration.

About ProjectReady

As the Integrated Data Environment of the AEC/O, ProjectReady drives process over the platform by developing connected workflows, driving improved collaboration, and deploying automation to mitigate risk and drive holistic organizational growth. 

A proper cloud-to-cloud solution, ProjectReady drives improved deployment and utilization of the platforms companies currently own to help improve efficiency and maximize growth. To learn more, visit

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