Smart Construction News 8/2022


Here are the topics covered in the August 2022 Smart Construction issue of the AEC Business Newsletter.

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Breaking down the 6 principles of Lean construction

This article breaks down the six core lean construction principles and explores how to implement them in your organization.

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Sellafield’s biggest construction project reaping benefits of 4D modeling

The Sellafield Product and Residue Store Retreatment Plant being delivered by the Programme and Project Partners is reaping the benefits of 4D BIM, with the introduction of a second twin ‘BIM cave’ in the project team’s Warrington office.

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DigiBuild Raises $4M Seed Round to Fix Construction Supply Chains


DigiBuild is working to solve some of the key issues plaguing the construction industry. Their goal is to digitize the fragmented and tedious workflows involved in managing and procuring building materials. They’ve created an easy-to-use software platform that automates finding, ordering, tracking, and managing materials needed on a construction project.

The platform includes innovative features like Predictive Scheduling, which produces “Must Order by Dates” that guarantees contractors have the material they need on time to meet their job schedules.

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Why a Digital As-Built Is a Superior Deliverable in Construction

Digital as-builts are the result of a continuous process of gathering and sharing information in real time throughout construction – rather than a task relegated to the end of a project like their paper counterparts.

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Sustainability Through Digitally Informed Decisions

sustainable digital construction

The environmental impact of buildings is expected to increase as the world population continues to grow. Sustainability in construction becomes crucially essential for the future of the planet and its inhabitants. Considering the energy and material resources throughout a building’s life cycle is the key to controlling its environmental impact.

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CONDUCTOR – an integrated smart construction management platform

Like the conductor of an orchestra, CONDUCTOR – an integrated smart construction management platform developed by Arup in partnership with Swire Properties, aims to lead the collaboration based on well-written sheet music, our framework, for true integration.

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Discovering the Right AEC Tech for You with Niknaz Aftahi

Niknaz Aftahi

Niknaz Aftahi is the CEO and co-founder of aec+tech (, an all-in-one innovation platform and community connecting AEC/O professionals with the latest tools and technologies. In this WDBE Talks interview by Aarni Heiskanen, Niknaz discusses construction sector innovation and technology and how she helps AEC professionals discover the right tech solutions.

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Video: Construction Tech Trends with Tal Friedman, Aarni Heiskanen, and Robert Otani

How is your organization remaining competitive in a sector about to be heavily transformed by digital technology? The global construction industry is predicted to grow by more than USD 14.4 trillion by 2030. Digital technology is playing a crucial role in transforming nearly all segments within the industry. Is your team ready for what’s next?

Master Builders Solutions’ Global Digital Insights Strategist, Ricardo J Rodríguez, and a panel of industry experts discuss the main trends shaping construction businesses worldwide and hopefully spark curiosity about what’s to come.


  • Tal Friedman – Chief Executive Officer, Foldstruct
  • Aarni Heiskanen – Construction Innovation Agent, AEC Business
  • Robert Otani – Chief Technology Officer, Thornton Tomasetti

Moderated by Ricardo J Rodríguez – Global Digital Insights Strategist, Master Builders Solutions

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Construction firms slow to embrace digital marketing

A survey has found that 44% of construction industry professionals believe their businesses do not have the required skills to implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

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Causeway launches ‘world’s first’ design engineering platform

Causeway Live Design is a cloud-licensed platform that provides seamless integration across all aspects of site infrastructure design, graphical ground modeling, roads and drainage design, including hydraulic analysis and 2D overland flow, vehicle swept path analysis, road marking, and traffic sign design.

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The 4th annual BIM & DIGITAL TWINS MIDDLE EAST 2022 is the region’s leading event for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Twins, organized in partnership with Event Partners buildingSMART UAE, Dubai Municipality, Land Department, and buildingSMART International.

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Lean and Digital Construction

lean digital construction

One of the core aspects of lean construction processes is that it proposes a more robust bottom-up process that is constantly reconciled with the situation on the ground. From this perspective, the construction 4.0 initiatives and lean construction processes can significantly benefit from each other. Their synergies lie across the whole construction process, from early design to construction and later operations and maintenance.

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