Social Media Marketing Strategies for Architects – Interview with Enoch Sears


Enoch Bartlett Sears is an architect and founder of, a site devoted to advancing the cause of great design by helping architects master the fundamentals of running a great business. On Business of Architecture he researches and shares information on marketing for architects: how architects can reach new clients and win more of the projects they want to work on. He speaks and writes frequently on how architects can use the internet to get more exposure and increase the visibility of their firms. He is the author of the book, “Social Media for Architects”.

Enoch Sears

On today’s show Enoch and I will discuss the answers to the following questions:

1) What can an architecture or engineering company realistically benefit from online and social media marketing?

2) How does one choose the best platforms to be active on?

3) How does a firm stand out in the online space?

4) How to engage potential clients to contact, or how to contact them online?

5) Where can an entrepreneur find the time required and if and how to use outsourcing?

You can download Enoch’s book, Social Media For Architects, at

Listen to the interview (also on iTunes)

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