Sonic Sculptures: Shaping the Urban Soundscape with Aki Päivärinne

Aki Päivärinne OiOi

In this special episode of the AEC Business podcast, Aarni Heiskanen’s guest is Aki Päivärinne, Sound Designer at OiOi.

Aki is a versatile professional. He is a Sound Designer (TeM), Musician, Composer, UX-Sound Designer, and Taste-Sound Designer at OiOi.

OiOi crafts meaningful, immersive, and interactive installations in the built environment by using the latest digital technology.

In the interview, Aki and Aarni discuss

  • Aki’s path to becoming a sound designer
  • OiOi, the company
  • The psychology of sound and how sounds affect us
  • The potential of sound in the built environment and architecture
  • Technologies Aki uses to provide sound-powered experiences
  • Examples of Aki’s work
  • How to incorporate sound design in a project
  • The future of sound design

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