Speckle, the Open Source Platform for 3D Data, Raised a $5.5 m Seed Round

Speckle 3D open source platform

Speckle is open source digital infrastructure for anything designed in 3D. It handles interoperability between software silos, real-time collaboration, data management, versioning and automation.

Dimitrie Stefanescu, a co-founder, wrote on 14 Apr 2022, “I am proud to announce that we’ve just raised a $5.5M (£4M) seed round. For us, this step was much more than just raising money: it was about finding the right partners with the right mindsets to help us push forward our vision of democratizing the world of 3D data with open source.”

Speckle’s mission is to transform the AEC industry for the better by providing an open source data platform that everyone can use and extend. The following video explains the gist of Speckle.

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