Spot the Robot on a Skanska Construction Site

The Finnish Building 2030 consortium and Aalto Robot Learning research group brought Spot the robot to Skanska’s shopping mall construction site in December 2021. The purpose of the test was to see how Spot could use its newly-acquired arm and gripper.

Construction companies are testing the capabilities of mobile robots on construction sites. The main purpose so far has been to use the robot to collect data with cameras and 3D scanners. The images and point clouds serve as data for quality, project progress, and safety analyses. Spot’s arm and gripper allow it to do even more.

With the arm, Spot can now grasp, lift, carry, place, and drag various items. The arm has a LED illuminator and a 4K camera to inspect objects and equipment. Spot can also semi-autonomously turn valves, flip levers, open doors, and manipulate other objects.

The video demonstrates Spot’s capabilites during the Lippulaiva site visit.

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