Start-up to Streamline Large-Scale Energy Renovation


An app from software provider GenieBelt will facilitate communications and strengthen cooperation when DGI-Byen, a 30,000 m2 business and leisure center in central Copenhagen, undergoes a large-scale energy renovation. SustainSolutions CEO Christian Niepoort expects that the tool will contribute to quality, safety, and time and cost savings.

Electricians, carpenters, painters, masons, consultants, and architects; the more parties are involved, the more difficult it becomes to stick to the schedule when coordinating a whole host of supplier and contractor activities.

In brief, the app will help keep all parties updated on the project schedule. The workers on-site quickly and easily report progress and problems or ask the people at the office questions. In that way, no one turns up at the building site in vain and time is saved on administration, emails and telephone calls.

According to research made by the Danish Building Research Institute, GenieBelt can bring about project savings of up to 7 %. “Our customers tell us that they save time and money on their projects because all involved parties are up-to-date with the progress on-site. That facilitates communication and processes on the projects and establishes the foundation for much more productive and efficient construction operations”, says GenieBelt CEO Ulrik Branner.

Baptism by fire on large project

Based on their significant experience as a turnkey contractor, SustainSolutions can definitely think of several projects where communication could have been improved.

”It is difficult to coordinate deadlines and work packages at the subcontractors and that often leads to an inefficient process. Facilitating this process will lead to time savings and ultimately money”, says Christian Niepoort, CEO of SustainSolutions.

The solution will play a central role in SustainSolutions’ biggest energy renovation project to date, DGI-Byen. The project, which has a value of more than €5 million, will turn the large sports and business facility greener and more energy efficient.

”The app is used actively by all parties on the project. I am sure it will help us deliver on time”, says Klaus Gadeberg, the technical manager at SustainSolutions. The project has just started and is expected to be completed next year.

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About SustainSolutions

  • In 2015, Danish insurance company PKA invested €40 million in the energy fund SustainSolutions, which offers fully financed energy efficient solutions.
  • SustainSolutions provides energy renovations of residential, office, production, educational and sports facilities for companies, non-profit organisations, public and self-governing institutions.

About Geniebelt

  • GenieBelt provides real-time project management software to construction projects of any size, improving the way people communicate and organise themselves.
  • GenieBelt is now used on more than 35,000 projects in 30+ countries. For more information, visit
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