State of IPD in Finland – Interview with Lauri Merikallio

I had the pleasure of meeting with Lauri Merikallio, Partner at Vison Alliance Partners, in Helsinki. During the interview Lauri explains how he got involved in Integrated Project Delivery, IPD,  and how it’s been implemented in Finland.

Lauri-Merikallio-VisonLauri Merikallio has become thoroughly familiar with the LEAN philosophy and its application in projects and provision of services. One of the innovations he has introduced in Finland is the Lean Construction concept and alliance model. Currently Lauri is writing his PhD thesis in the University of Oulu. In 2006-07 he studied as a post graduate in the University of California Berkley. He completed his M.Sc. (Eng.) studies in the Helsinki University of Technology in 1992, where traffic engineering and construction economy were his main subjects.

To contact Lauri, send email to lauri.merikallio(at)


Listen to the interview (also on iTunes)


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