Supersensing for Greater Experiences and Better Decisions – Talking Change with Lorri Rowlandson

Lorri Rowlandson WDBE

This episode of WDBE Talks features Lorri Rowlandson of BGIS. We discuss the role sensor technology and technical innovation play within the modern workplace. Our talk covers the historic reaction to change, understanding value, and the challenges facing the industry in a post-covid world.

Lorri Rowlandson is Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at BGIS, a global provider of Facility Management, Project Delivery, Energy & Sustainability, Asset Management, Workplace Advisory, and Real Estate Services.

Lorri Rowlandson

“Technology drives efficiencies. It gives greater experience, greater convenience, and better data-driven decisions. It’s helping us get over subjectivity with objectivity and manages emotionally charged discussions with facts. Technology empowers the building with automated activities that flex and evolve based on the changing needs of occupants. I think we’re going to see technology adding sophistication to those bigger ecosystems outside of the building as well as within the building,” Lorri states in the interview.

Our discussion topics include

  • The role of digital technologies and technical innovation, especially the use of sensors, in modern office environments
  • The ‘pains’ of embedding innovation in the built environment
  • The key drivers and technologies that potentially impact or influence our sector
  • The impact of COVID-19 on technology adoption
  • How digital technologies help smoothing the ‘on-ramp’ back to the office

You can meet Lorri at WDBE 2021 where she’s going to be a keynote speaker on September 28, 2021. Check out the program and register for the global digital built environment event at

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