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How Today’s Potential Buyers Evaluate AE Firms


In the past, prospects looked primarily to referrals and references for insight when they evaluated AE firms. But the game has changed, and new tools like SEO and social media raise new questions. How are buyers really checking out sellers today, and which tools no longer get the job done?

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How to Improve Your Communication With Contractors


You’re about to hire a contractor to do some remodelling for you. You’ve heard about the nightmares people have with these people – maybe you’ve already experience it first-hand. You don’t want to go there. You just want a good job done at a fair price. Is that so much to ask for? Well, in…

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Is Your CRM System Working for You?

crm system

Many A/E/C companies have implemented Customer Relationship Management systems, but often fail to get real value for their investment. This infographic, kindly provided by Pipelinersales Inc., shows that companies in all industries are challenged by the same problem.

Read More – Interview with Founder and CEO Chris Cardillo


Chris Cardillo created the first and only cloud-based procurement system for buyers and sellers of construction materials in North America. Find out in this interview how both suppliers and buyers can save time and money using this revolutionary construction industry purchasing system. You can contact Chris via email at ccardillo(Replace this parenthesis with the @…

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