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Helsinki Central Library by ALA
April 23, 2017

Unique and Challenging—The Helsinki Central Library Project

A construction site always looks more like a field experiment than an industrial process. In all fairness, the site of Helsinki’s Central Library site looks well organized and clean. The impressive steel structures suggest that the building will be something special. / continue reading

augmented reality construction
January 29, 2017

Augmented Reality for Construction Videos

I’ve been looking for information on augmented and virtual reality for construction. Here is a collection of  videos that I’ve come across lately on the use of augmented reality. / continue reading

January 2, 2017

A New Era of Construction Quality with IoT and Blockchain

A construction project is a network of hundreds of processes, participants, products, and materials. It’s no wonder that everything does not always go as planned. A building or infrastructure can have defects that are costly to repair and that can end up in lawsuits. The Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies could give construction quality management a much-needed boost. / continue reading

February 8, 2016

The Story of BulldozAIR – Interview with Ali El Hariri

In this episode of the AEC Business podcast I talk with Ali El Hariri, Co-Founder and CEO of BulldozAIR. Ali’s company developed a mobile and Web solution for visual task management for construction. / continue reading

November 24, 2014

Benefits of 4D Planning – Interview with Jon Berkoe

head_blue_1In this interview with Jon Berkoe, Director of Global VDC Services at Synchro Software LTD, we discuss 4D construction project management and the benefits of using Syncro PRO’s CPM engine. / continue reading

October 28, 2014

Lean Construction – Pull Planning Explained

In this lean construction video Jason Mayes, Chair of the Beck Lean Committee, explains what pull planning is in practice. It is one of the tools of the Last Planner® System. / continue reading

September 17, 2014

List of Top 50 Construction Management Blogs

Direct Capital listed TOP 50 construction management blogs. I’m very happy to announce that AEC-Business.com made it to the list! / continue reading

April 25, 2014

Architecture and Construction Management – Infographic

This infographic provided by NewSchool of Architecture + Design explains the roles of Architects and Construction Managers alongside the building creation process.

/ continue reading

February 6, 2014

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Software Choices for Small Contractors


Part ii: 5 Ways an EPM Bundle Can Work for You

EPM bundles are nothing new for the construction industry; however, they are ever changing and evolving; some more dynamically than others. The most visible change is ease of usability. The range of EPM program choices is as diverse, as it is expanding rapidly. As you consider your options, it is important to consider what your needs and resources are, and what they will be going forward, when you make your EPM selection. / continue reading

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