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May 26, 2017

The Agile Construction Company – Interview with Pirita Vainio of NCC Group

Pirita Vainio NCCI had the pleasure of meeting with Pirita Vainio, Head of Digital and Innovation at NCC Group. In this podcast interview, we discuss how a newcomer to the industry brought agile practices into a construction company. NCC Group is actively exploring agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban.  / continue reading

March 9, 2017

Run Your Service Business from Your Phone – Interview with Joe Crisara, CEO of Jobi

This is my interview with Joe Crisara, CEO of jobi.  We’re discussing the company’s award-winning service contractor app and platform. / continue reading

September 27, 2016

Rhumbix: A Productivity Platform for Construction – Interview with Guy Skillett

I had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Skillett, head of construction at Rhumbix, a construction industry IT startup. In addition to the audio interview, here’s a summary of our conversation.

/ continue reading

expert interview contractor
April 17, 2016

Innovative Ideas for Managing Your Contracting Business

I had the pleasure to give an interview to PDH Contractors Academy. The interview is titled Expert Interview Series: Aarni Heiskanen on Innovative Ideas for Managing Your Contracting Business. / continue reading

April 7, 2016

Productization in the Construction Industry: Interview with Fira Palvelut

Service productization can help construction companies do better business and have more satisfied clients.

AEC Business had the opportunity to interview Sami Kokkonen, CEO of Fira Palvelut, a pipeline renovations company based in Vantaa, Finland, to learn how they productized their service and the benefits they achieved. / continue reading

March 11, 2016

ServiceWhale: An Innovative Business Platform for Home Improvement Projects

Could contracting home-improvement services be as easy as booking a vacation online? ServiceWhale wants to create an e-commerce experience similar to how we now shop for most things online. Customers get upfront, customized quotes, and they can order services with ease, avoiding the stress typically associated with shopping for home-improvement services.

/ continue reading

December 17, 2015

Visualization as a Sales Tool – Interview with Doug Vickerson

In this podcast episode I interview Doug Vickerson, the CEO of Renoworks Software. Their design and presentation sofware tools help manufacturers and remodelers sell more through personalized visualizations. / continue reading

December 9, 2015

Mobile Construction Estimating – Interview with Kim Phillipi of JobFLEX

This is my interview is with the president of JobFLEX, Kim Phillipi. We discuss the possibilities and benefits of using mobile tools for generating construction estimates out in the field. / continue reading

April 23, 2015

Three Top Tips for Maintaining a Productive Construction Site

In terms of creating and maintaining productivity, building sites are much like any other workplace. As an employer, you want your staff members to labour as quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly as possible, all whilst maintaining the highest of standards and producing faultless work. This is a challenging task, it’s true, but it’s not an impossible one. Given the right conditions, attitude and leadership, you too can offer your customers a premier service, build an unparalleled reputation for quality, and ensure that your clients are quite simply thrilled with the work that you carry out. / continue reading

December 7, 2014

Getting Social Media Right: 10 tips for Contractors

The battle for protecting your personal privacy online is a ceaseless one. Social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have taken layered steps in security to protect their user’s personal information. Some of these security protocols include using encrypted data, capture log in characters and even require phone call verification for access to a user’s page or profile. So what do you do when people breach security protocol to find out more about you than you are willing to discuss? Here are ten tips in understanding the positive and negative effects of establishing your personal information anywhere across the social media platforms. / continue reading

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