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February 8, 2016

The Story of BulldozAIR – Interview with Ali El Hariri

In this episode of the AEC Business podcast I talk with Ali El Hariri, Co-Founder and CEO of BulldozAIR. Ali’s company developed a mobile and Web solution for visual task management for¬†construction. / continue reading

November 21, 2013

Engineering: Three Tips for Networking as an Engineer

The engineering field is not as large as some, so you have more opportunities to network with other engineers in small groups. Following basic networking tips will help you avoid some of the most common faux pas; but there are specific things you can do to improve your chances of creating valuable industry connections. Use these networking tips to build relationships with other engineers, and you will have an easier time advancing your career. / continue reading

Florida Building Code Cover on Phone
July 14, 2013

Building Codes in Your Pocket

The must-have productivity tool for the building industry professional. The Building Code Digital Series of mobile applications will not only boost productivity, they’re sure to save you and your firm both time and money by allowing specific city and state codes to be viewed immediately and easily. / continue reading

June 26, 2013

The Present and Future of IPD – Interview with Ravi Bhatia

Ravi BhatiaWhat are the benefits and success factors of Integrated Project Delivery, IPD? Ravi Bhatia, Principal at PLG Consulting, shares his insight in this interview. / continue reading

February 1, 2013

Download: How to Manage Client Relationships

Download my short guide for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors.

/ continue reading

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