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July 2, 2017

Architectural Democracy – Interview with Pedro Aibéo

In this podcast interview with Pedro Aibéo, we discuss Architectural Democracy, a research project, and its practical implementations. / continue reading

suburb game
March 22, 2017

You’re Invited to Revitalize a Suburb with an Online Game

There’s now an online game for complementary development of a Finnish suburb. It educates and inspires inhabitants on how to boost the vitality of their neighborhoods. It also provides valuable information to the city, builders, and designers. / continue reading

June 20, 2016

How Construction Will be Disrupted – Interview with Stefan Engeseth

Stefan Engeseth is author, consultant, speaker, CEO and Guest Professor. His latest book is Sharkonomics. In this podcast episode, we’re going to talk about what nature has taught Stefan and how that could be applied to the construction industry. / continue reading

February 12, 2016

Selling Your Idea: Understand What You Are Selling and Set Goals

Despite that the construction industry is often considered conservative, there is always plenty of room for fresh ideas. Original ideas are the reason businesses can innovate their offerings much more quickly, continue providing better services to the customers, and grow profitably. The challenge is to sell your idea to your peers or to your customers. / continue reading

January 13, 2016

Housing Solutions for Asylum Seekers: Competition Winners

An architectural competition titled From Border to Home was set out to find temporary housing solutions for the unprecedented flood of asylum seekers coming to Finland. The Museum of Finnish Architecture organized the competition in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Architects SAFA from October 19 to November 30, 2015. / continue reading

Sweco Agile Team
December 2, 2015

How Scrum Entered Sweco Structures and Forever Changed the Way They Manage Projects

What happened when an enthusiastic engineer brought scrum – an agile IT project-management framework – to Sweco Finland? A lot of good things, as my interview reveals. / continue reading

November 22, 2015

A Mobile Magazine on Construction Innovation

In the era of the social media, trade magazines have retained their appeal. Construction is no exception. One of the latest ones is CORPUS, with a tagline Constructing tomorrow. / continue reading

October 19, 2015

Tiny Houses – An Alternative Way of Building and Living

Is a huge house the ultimate goal? Not for everybody.

In the United States the average size of new single family in 2013 was 2,662 square feet (247.3 m2). The small house movement (also known as the “tiny house movement”) is a description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes (source: Wikipedia). / continue reading

October 9, 2015

Interactive Buildings – A New Experience

Interactive buildings are indeed a unique experience and have revolutionized our lives the way it had never done before. It has actually raised the bar of our living standards by providing a blend of convenience, enhanced security system and through easy to use and yet sophisticated gadgets. Interactive buildings have also enhanced the entertainment system and thus have managed in creation of high tech, advanced and digital homes that are inspired by YOU. / continue reading

September 3, 2015

AEC Hackathon Presentation by Paul Doherty

Paul Doherty’s presentation at AEC Hackathon 2.1 – Chicago 2015 includes a wide range of topics from driverless transportation, Big Data, and the construction of Saudia Arabia’s Kingdom Tower, among others.

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