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Join: Computer Science Meets Construction

Increasingly, projects need to be optimized to create the most value for their clients and users. With the fragmented nature of project teams, decisions can be lost, communication sporadic, and information disjointed.

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Success in Innovation Requires Both Leadership and Management


I had the pleasure of interviewing management consultant Markku Vesa on his PhD thesis Innovation Management in the Construction Products Industry. Markku has a 40-year-long history in the industry in Finland, which makes this thesis very personal and insightful. He used a qualitative research methodology, strongly relying on theme interviews.

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How can a CNC Router Benefit your Small Business?

There has always been a school of thought which considers small businesses to be the central driver of economic growth in the UK. This was supported by recent economic data, which reported that sole traders are particularly prominent in the contemporary economy with 200,000 having established themselves in 2014. At the beginning of 2014 there…

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3 Ways to Cut Manufacturing Costs


Although many other nations are gaining ground, the United States remains the world’s top manufacturing country. We produce more goods and services than any other nation, and as you can imagine, this high production rate costs money. In fact, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, it is 20% more expensive to manufacture in the…

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How to Reduce Your Manufacturing Water Footprint

water footprint

Water usage has long been a point of contention in America. Water rights are the principal issue in areas where access has traditionally been limited, and water usage enters the picture wherever water supplies are being monitored for shared use.

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