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July 11, 2018

Speeding up Infrastructure Projects with the Cloud

Infrakit, a cloud service developed by a Finnish startup company, is accelerating infrastructure projects both in Finland and, increasingly, abroad. Automatic transfer of information among parties involved in a project saves time, reduces paperwork, and facilitates the work of land surveyors.  In addition to excavators, rock drills can now also be viewed on the map. / continue reading

October 4, 2017

BLOK, a Wired UK Hottest 100 Housing Market Startup, Gets Funding from a Renowned Group of Investors

Blok, listed as one of the Hottest 100 European Startups by Wired UK, has secured several renowned investors to promote the company’s product development and marketing in its second round of financing. / continue reading

June 11, 2014

Starting a Construction Business: The Hidden Factors that Can Hinder Your Business

The Internet is littered with tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners, although many of these are generic and applicable to multiple market sectors. Many of these resources also tend to focus on fairly obvious snippets of information, which although useful do little to offer a more in-depth insight into the true nature of operating a typical business. More specifically, there are multiple pitfalls associated with establishing ventures in every industry, many of which are understated and liable to catch aspiring entrepreneurs completely off-guard.
/ continue reading

parking garage
July 30, 2013

Is Your Concrete Structure in Danger of Collapsing? What You Should Know About Concrete Durability Testing

Whether you’re in the concrete industry or a citizen surrounded by concrete structures in everyday life, it is important to know that your environment is safe. Concrete is very durable and is the main construction material used for building bridges, high-rise building, etc., however it can deteriorate over time, become corroded and in aggressive conditions result in crumbled structures and collapse. In a report published by the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2013, the overall rating that was given to America’s infrastructures is currently a D+ and the estimated amount of funding needed by 2020 to repair damages is $3.6 trillion. It’s worrisome to realize how many people come across insufficient structures every day. / continue reading

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