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City Mobility Uber
September 6, 2018

How Uber is Developing Urban Mobility –Interview with Marius Macku

I had the pleasure of interviewing Uber’s Marius Macku, Senior Associate of Public Policy & Government Relations, EU. We discuss the outlook for urban mobility. / continue reading

December 27, 2017

BLOXHUB: The Urban Innovation Hub

Coworking spaces have become popular in the Nordics, but few of them are focused on a certain vertical. Torben Klitgaard, director of BLOXHUB, describes the unique initiative from Denmark. It invites architects, designers, contractors, and tech companies to create better cities. / continue reading

April 27, 2014

The Importance of Town Development in the Modern Era

With rapid population growth and areas for businesses to operate on an affordable basis scarce to come by in modern times, the importance of continuous investment and development of our towns has been highlighted more so than ever before. For town planners, being able to identify not only certain areas of the urban area for development, but also specific uses for buildings that already exist becomes a primary concern if the country is to continue to thrive outside of the capital. / continue reading

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