Tailwind for Technology Adoption on Construction Sites

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My guest on the AEC Business Podcast is Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO of OpenSpace, the AI-powered construction technology company. We discuss OpenSpace’s customer survey that clearly shows how technology adoption has increased on construction sites across the world. We also touch on construction technology investments and how to deploy new tech in construction.

OpenSpace provides 360° construction photo documentation software, powerful integrations, and analytics tools. The startup announced its $55 million Series C funding in April 2021 and is growing globally.

A view from OpenAsset

The Contech Survey

OpenSpace conducted a year-end survey recently, polling their customers who have a wide range of roles in the industry. The results provide a look into how the industry is currently viewing technological innovation and help set the stage for the coming months.

One result stands out. 91% of respondents said they had observed colleagues who didn’t previously use technology begin to embrace it over the past year. While there may be several factors behind this jump in adoption, the wholesale shift toward digitization and adoption of innovation among builders since the outset of the pandemic is undeniable.

You can connect with Jeevan on LinkedIn and visit OpenSpace at openspace.ai.

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