Taking Care of Infrastructure – Interview with Marilyn Grabowski

Atlantic Infrared

Marilyn Grabowski leads Atlantic Infrared with a mission to protect and improve infrastructure. In this interview, we discuss her professional background, the technologies that her team uses, and why more women should consider construction as a career.

Marilyn Grabowski, known as “The Lady in Red”, and her team Atlantic Infra employees dubbed “The Red Crew” have been seamlessly filling potholes across the state of New Jersey since 2002. Under her leadership, The Red Crew uses infrared technology and unfailing attention to detail to expertly repair potholes, failed utility cuts and sunken trenches with no break in the road – creating safe and aesthetically pleasing repairs statewide, at a clip of 15,000 potholes per year.  

Atantic Infra’s InfraRed trucks are built for efficiency and only require a two man crew to take on an eight hour day of asphalt utility cuts or potholes.  With the largest infrared fleet in the world, Atlantic Infra outperforms traditional paving companies on large jobs in both price and productivity.

With 100% client retention, Grabowski continues to grow the Atlantic Infrared footprint and plans to expand beyond New Jersey. 

Grabowski is consistently recognized for her business acumen, including the 2016 Professional Women in Construction Award, the 2018 “Women of Influence” award sponsored by PNC Wealth Management, Tiffany & Co. and Foss San Filippo & Milne, and being named the winner of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Service Award in 2018 for New Jersey.

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