Talking Circular Future Cities with Daniel Hall

Daniel Hall WDBE Talks 2023

In this episode of WDBE Talks, Daniel M. Hall, Assistant Professor at TU Delft, talks about circularity and how to boost it with digital technologies and industrialized construction. Daniel is a keynote speaker at WDBE 2023.

In the interview, Aarni Heiskanen and Daniel Hall discuss

  • How big a challenge and opportunity is circularity in the built environment
  • Why Daniel has extended his focus from the circularity of individual buildings to the urban level
  • What are the building blocks of systematic information management for circularity for construction; what do we already have, and what needs to be developed?
  • How blockchain is a potential solution for retaining data of built assets over their decades-long life cycle
  • How a product-like, industrialized way of building will support circularity
  • What’s next on Daniel’s research agenda

About Daniel

Daniel is the lead of the Chair of Innovative and Industrial Construction, researching how to increase innovation in the built environment.

His research and teaching focus includes lean management processes to improve productivity, digital building information modeling to improve coordination, new forms of project delivery to govern complex projects, and new organizational orientations to spark entrepreneurship for industrialized construction in the developed and developing world. 

Daniel’s two main research themes are decentralized governance of the built environment and industrialized construction. One recent area of application is exploring solutions to sustainably solve the global housing crisis.

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