Talking Climate-Aware ConTech Investments with Sebastien Michaud

WDBE Talks

In this episode of WDBE Talks, Aarni Heiskanen’s guest is Sebastien Michaud, VC at Foundamental. They discuss investing in climate through technology, the theme of this year’s WDBE.

The discussion topics include:

  • Sebastien’s background and what led him to become a VC
  • What is Foundamental, and what’s in its portfolio at the moment
  • What makes up a startup that he’d invest in
  • Application areas with the most significant positive impact on climate
  • What drives climate-aware investments
  • Whether investing in the environment is a viable strategy when it comes to financial gain
  • What’s in the future for Sebastien as a VC
  • A sneak peek into Sebastien’s WDBE upcoming keynote

About Sebastien and Foundamental

Sebastien Michaud is Investor at Foundamental, joining from a British-Italian background and having previously worked in Product and Commercial strategy in FinTech. Sebastien works with early-stage construction tech startups in Europe, with a particular focus on teams tackling the climate emergency.

Foundamental is the largest global investor in construction tech and architecture, engineering, and design technology. Foundamental backs ambitious, early-stage founders across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe and is an early investor in several category leaders in construction technology and design technology, including Infra.Market, Wiz, Speckle, Baupal, Welcome Homes, and Mighty Buildings.

You can connect with Sebastien on Twitter ( and LinkedIn. Get your ticket and meet Sebastien at WDBE 2023.

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