Talking Construction Transformation with Per-Erik Åstrand

WDBE Talks

How do you successfully digitalize a construction business and gain a competitive advantage? Aarni Heiskanen discusses these and other topics on WDBE Talks with Per-Erik Åstrand, Business Development Executive at SoftwareONE.

Per-Erik started as a civil engineer and moved to the software business. At SoftwareONE, he drives the digitalization of the AEC industry.

The interview covers:

  • Per-Erik’s journey from civil engineering to the software business
  • His mission
  • What Per-Erik considers his most significant achievements in digitalization
  • What companies need to become more strategic about their overall technological development
  • How to improve communication and collaboration between project participants
  • How to use technology to gain a competitive advantage in the construction sector
  • What Per-Erik plans to cover in his WDBE keynote

You can connect with Per-Erik on LinkedIn and meet him at WDBE, where he will give his keynote speech on September 29, 2022.

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